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The first line specifies that incoming messages on connector smpp-in1 should be routed to the connector smsc1-ucp, the second line that messages on smpp-in2 should be routed to smsc2-smpp and if it is not available or in state ERROR it should route it via smsc3-smpp (fail-over). Finally the third line is similar to the second line with the exception that if both smsc4-ucp and smsc5-ucp are available load-balancing will take place and outgoing messages will be sent by alternating between the two connectors specified.

When using failover/load-balancing a maximum of 16 outgoing connectors can be specified.

The routing table also supports routing on source or destination address prefixes. This can be specified by, in the incoming connector field (the first field) a "<" character (source address) or ">" character (destination address) followed by a prefix. Multiple destination address prefixes can also be supplied in a file when using the "@" character. A "%" character is equivalent to a ">" character (destination address.