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The two first cases are easy to spot and just as easy to resolve, so we will now focus on the third case. The client claims to not have received the delivery report, but everything on the EMG side says that it was both sent to them and accepted. Even running Wireshark on the client side may not see it, causing confusion for everybody.

First look please examine in the connector log file for the connector which the client connects to. This is typically "smppin1" or something similar. The incoming message and the outgoing delivery report should look as below.


There is both a sender and a recipient, and 019 is 1. So far so good. The part "025:5" means it is a delivery report, also indicated by "(dlr)" after "SEND OK". The field directly after the timestamp is the connection instance, here 105 and 100, respectively. Now we know that the delivery report was sent back on the client over different connections. In case there is little other traffic, we can just examine the log file further up, to find the corresponding "CONNECT" and "LOGIN" entries. Otherwise, assuming pdu log files are enabled, we can use the new tool "emgpdu" from the EMG 7.2 distribution.